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Steve Blank

Epiphany e·piph·a·ny  noun /iˈpifənē/
A moment of sudden revelation or insight

We now know how to teach entrepreneurs how to think about business models and use customer development to turn hypotheses into facts. But there is no process to teach how to get an epiphany. We can only try to create the conditions where this might occur.


It All Just Came to Me In a Flash
Luis, one of the CEO’s from our first National Science Foundation class, came in to speak to our next class. We had a couple of minutes to catch up between sessions and the conversation got strangely awkward when I asked him how their startup was going.

“I’m kind of embarrassed to tell you, but we dumped the entire business idea and are doing something else” he said, avoiding eye contact.  “Oh, you pivoted when your team analyzed customer feedback?” I said…

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